Document Destruction

Lott can handle all of your needs for proper and compliant destruction and disposal of sensitive information such as paper, ID badges, etc., and we meet or exceed industry standards for facilities and staffing security and acceptability. Use of our services ensures you are meeting regulatory requirements for document handling as contained in HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and FACTA.

Lott can provide secure totes and service them on your terms, or you can drop off material at our destruction facility.

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And you never have to worry about security!

Controlled access facility

  • 24-hour digital closed circuit video surveillance system with 90 days play-back
  • Motion sensors
  • Monitored alarms
  • All visitors must log in and must be escorted by a NAID certified employee
  • Trained employees
    • Third-party criminal background check on all employees
    • Random drug screening
    • Must sign a Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
    • Photo ID’s and uniforms
  • Secure transportation of sensitive material
    • Locked storage containers
    • Locked Trucks
    • Material tracking system
  • All documents destructed within 3 business days of arrival at our facility
    • Documents shredded to 5/8″
    • Certificate of Destruction issued
    • All destroyed paper is sent to a paper or pulping mill to be made into new paper  products

Schedule a pick up or drop off at our destruction center at 3350 Hill Avenue in Toledo

Snapshot 3 (4-28-2015 2-37 PM)Scheduled pickups are available according to your needs; daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or on-call. We provide free, secure, bar-coded locking containers to safely hold your sensitive information. Our NAID certified employees will pick up the locked bins and transport them in a secure truck to our facility for destruction. The containers are scanned again when they arrive at our facility, and once again when the documents are destroyed, creating a record of where your documents are at all times. After the documents have been destroyed, an itemized invoice and Certificate of Destruction will be mailed to you for your records.

Drop off your documents at our destruction facility. Our NAID certified staff will unload and weigh your documents. You can watch your documents being destroyed or request a Certificate of Destruction be mailed to you upon completion.