The Lott Industries Story

People with developmental disabilities can be viable, productive members of the community’s workforce. Lott Industries has been making that statement a reality for 60 years.

First incorporated in 1956, Lott Industries gained national recognition in 1990 when it became the first employment program for persons with disabilities to receive the prestigious Ford Motor Company Q1 Award. It wasn’t long before Lott became a tier one supplier for the auto industry.

When the realignment of the auto industry resulted in the closing of the Ford Stamping Plant in Maumee, Lott’s primary customer, Lott managers began broadening the operation.

Today, dozens of businesses utilize Lott’s almost 200,000 square feet of production floor and its steady, well-trained workforce for labor-intensive assignments such as light assembly, packaging, sorting, and secure document destruction.

“We serve a variety of industries including tool and die, pharmaceutical, food distributors, lawn care, and packaging,” said Tim Menke, chief operating officer. “We are especially proud of how quickly we can accomplish our tasks.”

Menke noted Lott’s recent completion of the Governor’s Backpack Feeding Program, which required the assembly of 600,000 meals in a ten week timeframe. This required producing 12,000 meals every day, or 2,400 meals per hour. “We delivered the finished product to over 50 sites throughout Ohio on a weekly basis,” said Menke.

Another job required workers at Lott to fix labeling on more than 400,000 boxes in a four week timeframe. The job required affixing more than 1.2 million labels. “We did that job with less than 2% waste on labels,” said Menke.
Lott also provides a complete line of highway safety products.
In addition to the workforce within the two Lott production facilities, Lott can help businesses in Lucas County with staffing needs at their own locations.
Lott Industries and staff from the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities provide job coaching and training for individuals who are seeking employment at community-based locations.

“We presently have approximately 200 individuals gainfully employed with area businesses,” said Deb Yenrick, superintendent of the Board of DD. “If an individual wants to work, we want to make sure that that individual has the opportunity. Our job is to provide the opportunity.”

Lott Industries, a not-for-profit corporation, also operates the Shared Lives Studio. At the studio, artists learn skills, create art, display it, and sell it. The Shared Lives Studio, 20 North St. Clair, is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-3pm and Saturday 11am-3pm. A second Shared Lives Studio location is open through the holidays at Levis Commons.

For more information about Lott Industries, please call the Lott Sales Office at 419-381-5200 or visit